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Ezra Cossill

  • Working as Building Apprentice, NR Developments Limited
  • Qualification Cert Mechanical Engineering
  • Location Auckland

Ezra Cossill can’t imagine doing anything else than what he does now as an apprentice carpenter/builder.

“I enjoy the variety of places I go to when I’m working. I’m more of an outdoors type of person so being a chippie is perfect,” he says.

“What I like (about building houses) is to see it start out as just a slab and it gets built up and starts to take form.”

“I look at it and think ‘you know I did that, I made that happen, and I was a part of that’. It’s just rewarding I guess.”

Of Samoan and European descent and born and raised in Manurewa, Ezra says the opportunity to study a trade came about while he was attending James Cook High School.

He started studying the National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Levels 1 and 2 through the OCA Trades at Schools programme.

“I liked using my hands and it’s more practical learning you know – it’s definitely better for some people”.

“With OCA and Trades at School they never let you go – they are with you every step of the way. You do your two years of study, but even after they are still helping you with your journey”.

Through the OCA programme he secured a job with NR Developments, a building and construction company specialising in residential new builds and renovations.

He describes his first day on the job as ‘interesting’.

“I got there at 6.30 because I was so excited. I didn’t even have a tool belt and I actually went to the wrong house, Nathan (his new boss) told me 43A and I was at 43,” he says.

Nathan adds that Ezra has been a valuable addition to the team already.

“He’s great - he’s willing, wanting, turns up on time - what more could you want,” he says.

Ezra says OCA’s assistance has encouraged him to be the best builder he can be and it’s making his family proud.

“OCA helped in so many ways after I finished my qualification, from getting a tool-belt to a job at NR Developments. I don’t know where I’d be without their help.” 


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