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Train in trades and BUILD your future


Train in trades through the Oceania Career Academy to kick-start your career in a range of trades based industries. A trade can take you anywhere in the world and trades qualifications will increase the amount you can earn.

We will support you through our programmes so that you succeed and secure a future in a trade. While studying a trade at OCA, you will be mentored and supported throughout. Your success is our success. 

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Why trades?

  • Gain transferrable trade skills
  • Get NCEA credits towards your apprenticeship
  • Gain a work ready passport
  • Stand out with industry
  • Start your pathway to securing a job for life
  • Build a brighter future for yourself and you whanau

Why OCA?

While studying a trade at OCA, you will be mentored and supported throughout. OCA believes in walking alongside you and empowering you to succeed. Students receive help in an innovative and positive way to cross the bridge between school or unemployment into trade careers. Key life values and skills we focus on include work ethic, team building, leadership training, financial literacy, business dynamics, personal development and drug and alcohol awareness.

Featured Industries

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering sector leads to a range of careers including design and giving advice on the building and repair of machines and tools or working with specialist tools. Mechanical engineers also investigate problems and faults with machinery, and study ways to improve manufacturing and energy production. OCA graduates of the Certificate in Mechanical Engineering develop skills in fitting and machining, learn how to make engineering tools, learn skills in general and maintenance engineering, develop technical drawing skills, and welding skills. 

Construction / Carpentry / Building

The construction sector is one of the largest sectors in the economy, employing over 7% of NZ’s workforce according to Careers NZ. Jobs can range from house-building to construction of basic infrastructure and large building developments. The unprecedented workload from the Christchurch rebuild and from Auckland is driving demand for more skills than ever before in New Zealand. 

Our Programmes

Building Construction & Allied Trades / Manufacturing

National Certificate Level 2 – 41 Credits / NZ Certificate Level 2 – 40 Credits

This level 2 course combines the National Certificate in Building Construction Level 2 (41 Credits) and Allied Trades / NZ Certificate in Manufacturing  Level 2 (40 Credits). It provides a pathway for students to enter into a range of trade-related occupations and focuses on giving students practical skills in construction and engineering.

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Building and Construction

National Certificate Levels 1 and 2

This level 1 and 2 course provides a pathway for students to enter into a range of trade-related occupations. It focuses on giving students practical skills for construction as they build a house on-site at OCA.

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New Zealand Certificate Level 2

This Level 2 Certificate provides foundation skills and knowledge to work in entry level operational, or non operational roles in the manufacturing sector.

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